Boston Dynamics

Is a company that leads the way globally in building cutting edge robots that can meet the most strenuous of challenges. Its core goal is to lead in mobility, dexterity and in difficult to reach locations. They currently have four robots, one called pick which is designed to assist in a warehouse.

One robot called stretch is designed to work in a warehouse moving boxes, it is unique in that it can navigate very enclosed spaces and adapts to the diameter of the building, it removes the need for a fixed automation infrastructure.

It has a custom designed light weight arm and a smart gripper, with an advanced sensing and controls that can handle a large variety of shrink wrapped and boxed cases.

Prior to this advancement, warehouse managers have not wanted to invest heavily in an automated robot system due one having to be designed from the ground up, where as this product can fit into any warehouse at a minimum cost, which is a game changer for the company, as well as the removal of employees from the company due to this fundamental change.






The robot stock assistant can avoid any people walking nearby, move in and around as well as between stationary obstacles. Lift pallets, boxes, and even calculate a new route if a path is blocked. It is also capable of following and accompanying an employee.

The robot also has a person assist mode, this is where this differs greatly from other concepts, it can lift items for the employee, so the hard work is removed from the employee reducing any injuries.



where typically staff at a warehouse would do all the sorting, and arranging of stock, for online purchases. This now means that these existing shops can handle more of the online side of the business, while eroding the traditional brick and mortar model that was common place before the virus. It will also lead to automating these order centers even after the passing of the virus threat. The cost savings from these changes will be beneficial, but no doubt not so much for some employees who are at the end of the staff chain impacted by automated processes having been implemented.  The Nike sports shop has contacted with a company in Japan to provide picking robots to carry items ordered to the workers, reducing cost and making effient gains.


Pandemic and Automation

At the beginning of this decade, the world was faced with a pandemic which has now led to the closure of many businesses, and people losing employment in order to keep infections down.

As a result of this change, many brick and mortar businesses where possible began selling online as a primary way of making transactions. This new change will likely leave a permanent change for many businesses, small and medium sized ones as many have tried to move online.

The question now is what change will this have on occupations that can be reformed, due to the effects of the pandemic, an opportunity to make money while adjusting to a newer way of people in society consuming, buying products and brands that were done more conventionally prior to the virus.



Amazon self service shop

The tech giant has now opened  a self service check out shop called ‘Amazon fresh’in the United Kingdom, its first shop in London. The shop sells products made by other manufacturers as well its own brands.

The concept works by a customer walking and scanning their phone at the entrance. The shops cameras track the movement of everybody, what items they are picking up and the ones that customers take and place in a bag. The customer can leave with the transactions having been automatically billed to the Amazon account.

Due to new advancement in the sensor and camera technology, the cameras are able to distinguish between lets say a pack of cards, and a magazine. It is all networked together using deep learning  artificial intelligence software.

The shop does have a customer service kiosk for returns of products.

Amazon has offered to sell the technology that is being used to other businesses in the retail sector, so this new way of purchasing items by only using a phone to scan and be monitored by the internal surveillance is a game changer for shopping. There are of course privacy concerns, Amazon has noted that customers data is collected of only the items purchased with their account for up to one month.

Another shop is now due to open in London in the months ahead.

Mobile robot stock holder

A startup company called  Suitee Cobotics founded by Pierre Legendre and Benjamin Loize, two engineers from france, who previously worked at an engineering company. Went ahead and created an innovation robot to assist stock employees move and take away stock from one area to another. The robot works by automation using two dimensional Lidar sensors, and safety scanners, it is then guided by a layout of the supermarket to move from one area to another with any employee input.

The closure of physical shop outlets

As the pandemic has caused major disruption to the retail sector due to the social distancing rules, many businesses are looking at ways that they can possibly close their shops to expand them into new business operations, two examples Zara and Massimo Dutti has announced that it will intend to close more than one thousand stores over the next couple of years.

Starbucks has decided to close up to four hundred of its cafes in North America, over the next year as it begins its new pickup concept shop. Now many shops have decided to close existing ones that aren’t making a return on profits, by turning them into production points,